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John Rodzvilla is an artist, writer, and publisher who currently teaches at Emerson College. His work has appeared in Harvard Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Verbatim, and Bad Robot Poetry. His work can be found at rodzvilla.com.

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An Extraordinary Instance of Restoration

John Rodzvilla

An extraordinary instance of restoration [to comparative health] during the lodgment of a bullet in the brain, and one which is of the utmost interest to physiologists as proving that the cerebral functions may be performed during the presence of foreign substances such as matches, nails, and stones, which, when passing through the machines, are almost certain to cause sparks when struck by the machinery. As his cotton progresses through the various stages of life, ornamenting all its interesting relations, and bestrewing the path of duty with flowers of sweetest fragrance: she closes her brilliant and beauteous course, by gathering her duties together as a never-fading bouquet of flowers, binds them with her amiability, and bequeaths them to posterity; then full-orbed, she sinks beneath the serene and expansive horizon.

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