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M. Thompson was born in northern Michigan and now lives in Seattle. His work has previously appeared in places like Unsaid, Everyday Genius, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Spork, among others. He is concerned primarily with fiction writing and running long distances.

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A Mnemonic

M. Thompson

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A mnemonic.

A mnemonic.

My grandfather says, A nah-mah-nik is a trick that aids in remembering.

If you’re thinking about something and it’s coming up hazy, so then think about whether there’s a mnemonic to help you.

He says, I’ll give you a for instance. When you’re trying to remember the different days inside a month, sing, Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. When spelling out together, think, we’ll go to-get-her together and when you see a bright color say, Well, hello Roy G. Biv.

Here are the ways to help you remember, here is a trick that you’ll never forget. These are the lessons I learned from my grandfather. These are the things I heard from a puppet, whose white tufts of hair matched white open eyes, whose flapping red mouth split a blue sponge ball head. He shook as he spoke from between the drawn curtain; felt arms through the air on thin strips of wire. If my grandfather were a puppet, I believe he’d be a blue wolfhound and here are things he’d say about mnemonics:

All of this I keep remembering and not once have I met a person whose last name was Biv. If I hum out the months, it could just as easily be December, April, May and October. In the meantime, there are moments where I forget my own phone number, draw a blank on the word apple. Meanwhile, there are mornings where I try to think of your grandmother, and can’t even recall what color her eyes were.

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