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Race Capet is an American graduate student in French-English translation at Concordia University in Montreal, and a regular writer for The Rock and Roll Report. His essays and poetry are currently forthcoming in Word in the World (Canada). In his spare time, he plays computer games with his wife, agitates for an open border with Mexico, and pesters playwriting competitions, combining these activities where appropriate.

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Race Capet

Huddled masses of asphyxiate Jonahs
in the rumbling bellies of metal eels
release an electric brunette
her face spattered in polysemy
Columbia curses attackers’ hands
the virgin birth of barren wombs
announced to her and her cousin Marianne
cosmic bastards
not one has seen the father

Manifest Judes
destined to quote banned books
they sing a cuneiform decalogue
in a strange land

Drunken Gideons
smashing China-made amphorae
they frighten themselves and flee
pray that the cup may pass upon the eighteenth
and be repealed on the twenty-first
it is easier not to resist evil

Samsons in the hands of an angry barber
they dread the Rastas
lock them up
strew dead lilacs in the dooryard
these husbanders of philistines
pull down the pillars of the Dead Sea temple
whose light-hearted riddle they do not comprehend
sic lions on the honeybees of Adam

Elijahs enraged
by the sound of jazz and bells
they scrawl their jeremiads
on the subway walls of cities
dressed for sacred offering
beside the Moscow of Soviet priests
they await a rain of fire
upon a land of angels
fallen from Jacobin ladders

When it comes they will cry
“My God, my God, Mrs. O’Leary!
Why hast thou set alight our city on a hill?”

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